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Supporting people to improve the lives and life chances of the people Local People 

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How we started


Patrick and Frances Connolly are originally from Northern Ireland but moved to Hartlepool to work in 1990. They planned to stay only a few years, but stayed 25. Their twins were born in the town, and all three of their daughters attended first St. Cuthbert’s Primary then English Martyrs Secondary Schools. The town opened its doors and its hearts to the couple, and they retain a very strong friendship network among its citizens. Therefore, when the couple had the good luck to win the lottery on 1st Jan 2019, one of their first acts was to set up this charity to give something back.

The PFC Trust aims to improve the lives and life chances of the people of Hartlepool by celebrating all of the good in the town and helping those who need it. One of the ways we do this is by providing funding to organisations that are already assisting people in the town, and a big strength of the PFC Trust is that we look at everyone who we provide funds to (and some of those that we don’t) as partners – the ethos is not to just provide money and walk away, but to also give guidance and to connect people where possible.

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"We formed The PFC Trust in order to give something back to both Hartlepool and it's people. Our charity's guiding principal will always be helping people to help themselves, and we sincerely hope to be able to positively impact on peoples' lives in some small way".

Frances & Patrick Connolly, Founders, The PFC Trust.

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We are registered with easyfundraising feel good shopping and also with Just Giving.

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Please consider using the Easy Fundraiser App when you shop online as you will be donating to charity at no extra cost to yourself.  Or simply go to, select The PFC Trust, and you'll be helping local people and good causes. Thankyou!

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