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Black History Month

The PFC Trust are proud to support a new group setting up in Hartlepool. Transformers HPL is headed by local resident Nomusa Malinga and Georgina Mainoo and will give a platform for ALL to seek information about different cultures with the aim of promoting Respect, Integration, and Tolerance.

Nomusa firmly believes that education is the best way forward and would encourage anyone to contact them to discuss finding out more about different cultures within the town and the world, or if you are an individual or organisation that would like to provide such information.

Ahead of Transformers Hartlepool launch, they organised a series of events to celebrate Black History Month. Sally and Joe Dunne from the PFC Trust were invited to join in the celebrations at an evening of African music and dance where talented local musicians and dancers, along with local children provided dazzling entertainment. There was also lots of information about African culture available to view and interact with.

Frances Connolly, founder and CEO of the PFC Trust said:

“When I taught in a local authority secure unit, I always tried to celebrate Black History Month as I have long held the belief that the more people know and understand, the less prejudice and bigotry there will be to combat. Therefore, the solution is a combined and unified effort. Black History Month celebrates the wonderful cultural diversity that we should all be proud of.”

Nomusa Malinga welcomes Joe from the PFC Trust


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