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DANCE WORLD CUP : Hartlepool Winners

A TALENTED group of 19 dancers from Hartlepool backed by the PFC TRUST returned from England duty with global glory.

The Amy Richardson Studios' performers competed in August’s Dance World Cup.

Emily Barnard, Jazz Richardson, Bella Hope, Anabell Morgan, Charlotte Godfrey, Belle Dixon, Caitlyn Hall, Olivia Corner and Maisie Ferguson were all crowned champions.

And Scarlett Ford, Ellie Woods, Belle Dixon, Jaimie-Leigh Palmer, Scarlett Weegram, Emily Barnard, Isabel Emerson, Emily Simpson, Charlotte Godfrey, Jazz Richardson all won the World Commercial Junior Group with their tap performance.

There was also a string of gold medallists (listed below) as well as other successes in silver and bronze.

The delighted dancers battled it out with more than 120,000 competitors from 62 countries at the greatest all-genre dance competition around.

They travelled to Telford International Centre, Shropshire, over six days and made the most of the experience.

The trip and entry cost were funded by the PFC Trust and the dancers, aged from 8-17, wore official England clothing funded by the Gus Robinson Foundation.

The Havelock Street Studios’ Principal Amy Richardson, 33, said: “I have had my school for eight years and this was the first time I’d attempted to qualify for the Dance World Cup.

“For Amy Richardson Studios to be represented was incredible. I hope they all enjoyed it.

“For me it was all about the experience of teamwork together, that vibe of being a team. They have been through so much in the last 18 months with the pandemic, like the virtual sessions, and this is a massive achievement.”

Amy Richardson’s entries were made up of nine solos, two duets and seven troupes.

The World Cup was supposed to have been in Rome but because of Covid-19 there was a video link competition from across the world, with the home nations all travelling to Telford.

English Martyrs student Emily Barnard, 17, was involved in two solos and three troupes.

She said:

“It was an amazing feeling to be involved in one of the biggest worldwide dance events after so many hours of hard work.

“We were so excited, and we wanted to just go out and show everyone what we have worked on.

“The experience itself has been so much more important, the medals were the icing on the cake.”

The PFC Trust’s founder Frances Connolly is so proud to have helped the team compete at the showpiece event. She said:

“Our charity is all about supporting people from Hartlepool and there is no better example of how we do that than supporting something like this with the brilliant Amy Richardson Studios."

“There were 19 local dancers all competing on an international stage and that shows what the people of Hartlepool can achieve if they put the hard work and effort in like this talented group has.”


World Song and Dance Junior Champion:

  • Emily Barnard

World Tap Children Champion:

  • Jazz Richardson

World Tap Duet Infant Champions:

  • Bella Hope & Anabell Morgan

World Commercial Junior Group Champions:

  • Scarlett Ford,

  • Ellie Woods

  • Belle Dixon

  • Jaimie-Leigh Palmer

  • Scarlett Weegram

  • Emily Barnard

  • Isabel Emerson

  • Emily Simpson

  • Charlotte Godfrey

  • Jazz Richardson

Children Show Dance Gold Medallist:

  • Belle Dixon

World Children Tap Group Champions:

  • Charlotte Godfrey

  • Belle Dixon

  • Jazz Richardson

  • Caitlyn Hall

  • Olivia Corner

  • Bella Hope

  • Maisie Ferguson

World Song and Dance Infant Silver Medallist:

  • Bella Hope

World Song and Dance Bronze Medallist:

  • Charlotte Godfrey

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