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Local businesses and local people are coming out in support of the first Hartlepool Heroes awards, as nominations for those who go the extra mile to help others come in.

There are just over two weeks to put somebody forward for one of the awards before the Friday, June 10th deadline when judges will look to create a shortlist of three for each category.

Those shortlisted will be invited to an amazing night at the Borough Hall on Thursday, July 7th when 11 Hartlepool Heroes will be revealed.

The search for Heroes is being led by local charity the PFC Trust with the support of Hartlepool Borough Council, Jill Mortimer MP, HartlePower, Poolie Time Exchange, Carers UK and media partner Hartlepool Life.

Local businesses are sponsoring each award, with construction management contractor the Sheraton Group behind the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Sheraton’s managing director Simon Smith said: “As a company it’s nice to get involved with the local community and I want young people to be proud of our town. These awards are certainly something for everyone to be proud of.

“I don’t hear too much about how people are helping the community so Hartlepool Heroes is a fantastic way to tell those stories. It would be great to hear how Hartlepool as a town has really got behind this event.

“I am looking forward to being there on the night and hearing the stories you don’t always hear about. As a business we are doing more and more in the community and I want to help make sure Hartlepool’s young talent comes through.”

Hartlepool’s Marina-based training provider Orangebox Training Solutions is sponsoring the Teacher of the Year award.

Simon Corbett, the chief executive of Orangebox, said: “I set up a business in Hartlepool six years ago and it is about giving something back to the community.

“I love what Frances Connolly (founder) and her PFC Trust is doing and it will be great if myself and Orangebox can play some role in helping Hartlepool Heroes.

“Those Heroes are the people who are the heartbeat of the community and don’t get the recognition they deserve. Without these people you wouldn’t get this community spirit. The teacher award links nicely with what we do at Orangebox.”

Others are supporting the event in different ways, like Hartlepool College of Further Education.

Hartlepool College’s principal, Darren Hankey, said: “We know Hartlepool is full of so many wonderful people. There are so many heroes that need to be celebrated.

“We want to play our part so we have dedicated our staff and our resources to ensure the event will be the success it is going to be. We are proud of our position in our community and we want to do everything we can to celebrate Hartlepool Heroes.”

Hartlepool Heroes will raise awareness of those who are the stars of the community.

Nominations should be done online via and the closing date for entries is on Friday, June 10th.

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