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A huge supporter of the Hartlepool Heroes awards can’t wait to hear more inspiring stories from across the town.

The search is underway for the Heroes of 2023 after the enormous success of last year’s event at the Borough Hall.

An emotionally charged night is guaranteed when it returns to the historic Headland venue on Friday, June 16.

The PFC Trust launched the search for this year’s Heroes last week and the local charity is being supported by Hartlepool Borough Council and Hartlepool Carers.

Hartlepool Carers’ CEO Christine Fewster said: “Hartlepool Carers are passionate about celebrating the amazing work unpaid carers provide throughout the year.

“Historically, we used to run our own awards but believe working together with PFC Trust enables us to raise the profile of caring in our community. Working in partnership allows us to share resources and we are delighted to sponsor the three Carer Awards this year.

“We hear lots of negative news, but Hartlepool Heroes is about celebrating the amazing work that goes on in our town. So many people go above and beyond and it’s important we recognise their achievements.

“Hartlepool Heroes brings our community together to share positive stories and the great work that makes Hartlepool a great place to live.”

There are 11 awards and the closing date for entries is Friday, May 26. The judging panel will sit the week commencing May 29 when they will agree on a shortlist of three finalists in each category.

Nominations can be done online via the PFC Trust website or by filling in the form printed in Hartlepool Life, a media partner of the event.

Finalists will be invited to an awards ceremony and dinner, where winners will be presented with a Hartlepool Heroes trophy and the PFC Trust will donate to their chosen organisation.

Christine added: “I remember getting emotional, hearing the amazing stories last year, from being on the panel to seeing individuals receiving the awards, it was a great celebration.

“Hartlepool Heroes enables groups to continue their great work from donating to winners, charities and groups. This allowed Hartlepool Carers to continue delivering weekly activities and events to many unpaid carers.

“It is important we all continue to work together to ensure Hartlepool Heroes is around for years to come, bringing our community together is so important to share ideas and resources to make Hartlepool the best place it can possibly be.

“I believe Hartlepool Heroes will continue to raise awareness of many different groups in the town and ensure young people have opportunities to reach their potential.”

Hartlepool Heroes has 11 award categories: Carer of the Year, Community Champion, Emergency Services Hero, Green Community Champion, Lifetime Achievement, People’s Choice, Sports Person of the Year, Teacher of the Year, Volunteer of the Year, Young Adult Carer of the Year, and Young Carer of the Year.

Hartlepool Heroes is looking for those who are out and about in their local community, always ready to help their neighbours, friends and the town. They might be exceptional, either in their job or in a voluntary capacity and deserve recognition.

*Nominations should be done online via, scan the QR code or complete the form in Hartlepool Life and sent to The PFC Trust. P.O. Box 367, Stockton Street, Hartlepool TS24 4FZ by Friday, May 26.

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