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The PFC Trust launches 2 new grant funds.

A local charity focused on improving the lives of people across the region has launched two new grant funds as part of its fifth anniversary celebrations.

To coincide with more than £115,000 being raised from The PFC Trust’s annual green and blue ball held last month, the Hartlepool-based charity has expanded its funding streams. The Early Years Fund and Rare Dementia Fund joins the Athlete Grants, General Grants and Community Mental Health fund, which all have funding windows available for groups or individuals to apply for help.

The Early Years Fund is available for groups and settings working with children aged 0 to 5-year-olds, with grants of up to £5,000 available. There is also an option of multi-year funding for up to three years available.

Kelly Brooks, The PFC Trust’s operations and funding manager, said: “The Early Years Fund is available to enhance an organisation’s current offer, providing resources for growth to improve facilities or experiences for the specified age range.  

“It will play a pivotal role in ensuring every child receives the care, education and support they need during those crucial formative years.”

The Rare Dementia Fund was created to help support individuals and their families affected by the disease following Lesley Connor’s passing earlier this year. As well as those two new additions there has been a revamp of the Athlete Grants operated by Hartlepool Sport, the PFC Trust’s sport arm in partnership with Hartlepool Sports Council.

The Community Fund invites applications for hardship funding support, which is focused on resilience capacity and offering training support. The Gus Robinson Sport Bursary, up to £1,000, is also awarded every quarter and aims to help people competing at a high level to fulfil their potential within their sport. All funding applications and cycle windows are available on The PFC Trust website. The PFC Trust are in the process of appointing new staffing too, designed to help Hartlepool Sport have an even greater impact on sport and movement across the town.

Kelly said: “Broadly, the charity exists to support local people and we do this in a wide range of ways, with many local and regional partners.

“Our team and new appointments all work together to manage a wide range of activities within the business, working closely with local community groups, sports groups and external partners, promoting best practice to inspire.”

*For further information on the funds check out

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